7art Fascinating Waterfalls © 2009 by 7art-screensavers.com

7art Fascinating Waterfalls © 2009 by 7art-screensavers.com

7art Fascinating Waterfalls will take you to enchanted places with waterfalls
License type: Freeware

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a lush green forest. When you turn around, your eyes delight at the view of a beautiful waterfall, which is sliding through the vegetation and rocks. The feeling of freshness fills the place. You start relaxing and thinking about nicer things than the usual work routine. 7art Fascinating Waterfalls will take you to such enchanted places with waterfalls.

This software company, well-known for its awesome and beautiful screensavers, releases a new series that rivals the older ones. You will be transported to some of the most beautiful places on Earth, with one common thing in each: waterfalls. You will see waterfalls of many different kinds. In tropical forests, among quiet streams, and of course breath-taking falls plummeting down from mighty mountains. The scenes are very realistic. You can almost feel the dampness of the ambience. Accompanied by great sounds of nature, the scenes will immerse you in a world of tranquillity like never before.

However, there is a new feature in many of the 7art Screensavers that I don’t like and which has even started to make me a bit upset. Before you can even install the software, you have to pass through a tedious kind of a survey. The program will ask several questions about the users of your computer, the places where you use the PC, etc., etc.

And the worst part: most of the screensavers installed a virus on my PC! My antivirus software detected it immediately and prevented the installation from continuing. Moreover, the screensavers left traces even after uninstalling, and that really made me mad.

So my final comment is: the screensaver is really nice. I really enjoyed it. But you’d better have an excellent antivirus.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful scenes
  • Great ambience


  • Might infect your machine
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